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The Path to Halving Your Refinement Rates


What if you could cut your clear aligner refinement rates by half? For any orthodontic practice, this isn't just an improvement; it's a revolution. At Clear Treatment Planning Solutions, we're turning this possibility into reality with our innovative Treatment Planning Optimization™ process.

The Challenge with Standard Approaches:

In the world of orthodontics, especially with clear aligners, the one-size-fits-all approach has long been a standard. But this method often overlooks the unique complexities of each patient's dental structure, leading to high refinement rates, increased costs, and extended treatment times.

Our Solution: Comprehensive Clinical Diagnosis:

Our journey begins with a detailed clinical diagnosis. Unlike conventional methods, we delve deep into each case, understanding the specific needs and challenges. This initial step is crucial in setting the foundation for a more tailored treatment plan.

Treatment Planning Optimization™: Beyond the Basics:

We don't stop at diagnosis. Our Treatment Planning Optimization™ process takes it a step further. We refine and adjust each virtual setup, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the individual's dental profile. This bespoke approach significantly reduces the likelihood of further adjustments down the line.

The Impact: Halving Refinement Rates:

By adopting our method, orthodontic practices can witness a dramatic decrease in refinement rates – potentially by as much as 50%. This not only means more predictable and stable outcomes but also translates to higher efficiency and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Conclusion: A New Era in Orthodontic Care:

Imagine a world where endless adjustments in clear aligner treatments are a thing of the past. At Clear Treatment Planning Solutions, we're making this a reality. Join us in this exciting journey and take your practice to new heights of success and patient care.

Embrace innovation, embrace precision, embrace the future of orthodontics with Clear Treatment Planning Solutions.

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