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Custom Tailored Solutions


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Moving teeth into a stable and predictable outcome requires a more than just a virtual one-size-fits-all setup in a software platform.

It requires extensive knowledge of both orthodontics and in moving teeth with clear aligners.

That’s where we come in.

We partner with dental/orthodontic laboratories and private practices to develop a custom treatment plan specifically designed to unique needs of each and every patient.

Our Treatment Planning Optimization (TPO) process is a multi-step process that includes:

  1. A comprehensive diagnosis of the malocclusion based on a review of all submitted records.
  2. Custom orthodontic treatment plan and smile design to resolve the patient's chief complaint and achieve Dr's primary treatment goals.
  3. A virtual setup that incorporates the treatment plan and is then optimized to achieve a predictable and stable result while eliminating unnecessary movements and attachments.


With Clear Forward, you can choose between our robust and easy-to-use online portal to submit and manage your clear aligner cases, or we can create an entirely custom online portal just for you.

By incorporating your logos and branding, we can create a bespoke user experience that is as unique as your business.

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Clear Forward can work with most any clear aligner treatment planning software, including the following:

  • OnyxCeph3TM
  • ArchForm®
  • 3Shape
  • Orth’Up
  • Arcad Lab


Partnering with Clear Forward is a great way to enhance your clinical education and knowledge of orthodontics and clear aligners.  

      • Clinical Onboarding: First-time users of the Treatment Planning Optimization service are eligible for a complimentary live Zoom meeting with the Clear Forward Dr overseeing your first case.  In that meeting, you will receive a complete breakdown of the specific clinical diagnosis, treatment plan, and optimization of the virtual setup.
      • Live Zoom Consults: An ongoing concierge level of service with where the submitting Dr is able to have a live Zoom consultation with the Clear Forward Dr overseeing that specific case.  In that live meeting, you will receive a complete breakdown of the specific clinical diagnosis, treatment plan, and optimization of the virtual setup for the case.
      • MasterClass: Clear Forward Clinical Director Dr Adrianna Garro will conduct a complete treatment planning optimization for your case and up to 3 other Dr's in an interactive online Zoom meeting. Since the MasterClass is conducted with up to 4 additional Dr's at the same time, you'll benefit from the knowledge shared as Dr Garro presents on the other cases. 
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Tap into our network of partner labs for a custom aligner fabrication solution tailored for your needs.