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Maximize Clinical Confidence, Chairside Efficiency and Utilization

Experience the unmatched expertise of the global leader in aligner clinical diagnosis and Treatment Plan Optimization™.

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With over a decade of experience, our clinical experts ensure optimized treatment plans that boost doctor confidence, aligner utilization, and chair-side efficiency.

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Unparalleled Clinical Expertise

One of the key strengths of Clear Forward lies in their team of clinical experts who possess over a decade of experience in diagnosing aligner orthodontic cases and developing optimized treatment plans.

These specialists have honed their skills through years of hands-on practice and have an in-depth understanding of aligner treatment.

By leveraging their expertise, Clear Forward ensures that every aligner case is meticulously evaluated and optimized for stability and predictability.

Our dentistry and marketing experts have been working with invisible orthodontic techniques for more than 15 years and have helped to grow practices in more than 30 countries.

Our Clinical Team has optimized more than a half-million digital treatment plans worldwide.

Enhancing Doctor Clinical Confidence

When it comes to patient care, clinical confidence is of utmost importance for dental practitioners.

Clear Forward's approach instills greater confidence in doctors by providing them with treatment plans that have been clinically diagnosed and optimized by global experts.

This assurance allows doctors to focus on delivering exceptional care and ensures that the treatment path is designed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With Clear Forward's expert guidance, DSO clinicians can be confident that they can achieve their clinical objectives while maximizing patient satisfaction.

Our skilled experts have mastered the art of clinically diagnosing aligner orthodontic cases and crafting treatment plans optimized for stability and predictability. When doctors know that their cases have been set up by global experts, their clinical confidence soars to new heights!

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Greater Chairside Efficiency

Clear Forward's Treatment Plan Optimization™ methodology is designed to deliver efficient and effective treatment outcomes.

By carefully analyzing each case and tailoring the treatment plan to suit the patient's unique needs, Clear Forward's experts are able to optimize the aligner treatment process.

The result are fewer refinements and shorter total treatment times, reducing the overall duration of the patient's orthodontic journey.

This not only improves patient satisfaction but also results in reduced doctor and chair time.

Clear Forward's optimized treatment plans work wonders! They result in shorter total treatment times, reducing both Dr-time and chair-time. This enhanced chair-side efficiency allows your DSO practice to serve more patients effectively.

Increased Aligner Utilization and Practice Growth

The combination of enhanced clinical confidence and predictable treatment outcomes directly contributes to increased aligner utilization within DSO practices.

When doctors have access to treatment plans developed by experienced global experts, they are more likely to confidently present and close aligner cases.

The reliability and efficiency of Clear Forward's optimized treatment plans instill trust in both doctors and patients, resulting in higher case acceptance rates and improved practice growth.

DSOs benefit from increased revenue and an expanded patient base, all while providing top-tier orthodontic care.

The winning combination of greater clinical confidence and predictable outcomes translates into increased aligner utilization for DSO practices. With Clear Forward, doctors present and close more cases, leading to practice growth and improved revenue.

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Discover the transformative power of partnering with Clear Forward and unlock the full potential of aligners for your DSO.